UPDATED: List of Top 20 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

best paying jobs in consumer services

The consumer services industry has expanded steadily over time and provides numerous career options for a variety of people. Therefore, the consumer services industry is one of your possibilities if you’re looking for the best-paying jobs in consumer services.

Some of the best paying jobs in consumer services industry include: Call Center Representative, Bank Teller, Customer Service Agent, Travel agent, Online Chat Support, Flight Attendant, Medical Receptionist, Event Planner, and Technical Support Representative, among others.

What are Consumer Services?

Any services offered to consumers are considered to be consumer services. This might range from marketing and sales to customer service and support. Consumer services cover any business activities in which clients are given a service.

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

The consumer services industry is packed with many career options and I won’t be unable to discuss them all. Therefore, in this article, MyStudyExtra will focus on some of the best paying jobs in consumer services, and their average annual salary.

1. Call Center Representatives:

Customer service professionals work at call centers. They are the initial point of contact for consumers who have questions or issues, and they are critical to providing a pleasant customer experience.

Call center representatives must be able to communicate effectively and resolve client issues in a fast and efficient manner. They must also be able to multitask and deal with a high frequency of calls. A call center representative’s annual income is $30,000 on average.

2. Customer Success Managers:

Customer success managers are in charge of making sure that consumers are happy with a company’s products or services. They collaborate with clients to discover and handle any issues that may arise.

Customer success managers need to be very good at communicating and fixing issues. To find ways to enhance the customer experience, they also need to have the ability to think strategically. A customer success manager makes $50,000 on average yearly.

3. Financial Software Engineer:

One of the numerous tasks assigned to a financial software engineer is creating, maintaining, altering, and updating the software platforms and programs used by the banking sector or any other type of financial organization.

This guarantees smooth communication between end-user clients and bank users. According to data from Zip Recruiter, financial software engineers in the United States make a respectable $102,166 per year. Depending on the employer and the state, this can change.

4. Sales Representatives:

A company’s products or services are represented by a sales representative. They are in charge of developing new business possibilities and closing sales. Sales Representatives must be able to create connections with customers, understand their needs, and convincingly pitch the benefits of a product or service to be successful in this profession.

Sales Representatives often get a base wage plus a commission, thus their earning potential is directly proportional to their success.

5. Account Managers:

Account managers are in charge of managing customer relationships and meeting client needs. They are frequently employed in businesses such as banking, insurance, and healthcare.

You must have excellent communication and customer service skills to be successful in this role. You will also need to be able to build strong relationships with clients. If you have these skills and are interested in a career in customer service, consider becoming an account manager.

6. Training and Development Managers:

A training and development manager can assist in the planning and implementation of training programs to improve customer service abilities and increase customer satisfaction.

This is a high-level role that demands excellent communication and organizational abilities, as well as a previous customer service experience. If you want to work in customer service management, a training and development manager position could be ideal for you.

7. Bank Teller:

Bank tellers are the bank’s customers’ first point of contact. They handle ordinary financial transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, and account transfers.

Bank tellers must be able to handle huge amounts of cash accurately and efficiently. They must also be capable of providing exceptional customer service, as they are often the first point of contact for bank customers.

8. Technical Support Representative

A technical support representative is an IT professional who works to give technical assistance with computer software and hardware.

They also answer queries from users and ensure that computer software and hardware work properly, among other things. According to most pay statistics, the average income for a technical support representative is around $38,960 per year.

9. Client Relations Specialist:

A client relations specialist is in charge of keeping and enhancing relationships with a company’s customers. This might include everything from providing customer service to resolving customer concerns.

Client relations experts often work in customer service or sales situations and must be excellent communicators. While the exact duties of a client relations specialist will vary depending on the company, some common responsibilities include:

  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Handling customer inquiries and complaints
  • Resolving customer issues
  • Upselling products and services
  • Managing client accounts

10. Service Adviser:

A service adviser is a specialist who provides customer service and assistance for the products or services of a corporation. Service advisers are often employed in call centers or other customer service settings, although they may also work in retail stores or other client-facing enterprises.

As a service consultant, you will be responsible for supporting clients with product or service inquiries, issues, or difficulties. In many circumstances, you will also be responsible for troubleshooting problems and delivering customer solutions.

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11. Chief Financial Officer:

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is in charge of a company’s financial health. They create and manage financial strategies, manage financial risks, and generate financial reports.

A CFO must be well-versed in accounting and finance, as well as have prior experience in strategic planning and management. To be effective in this profession, one must be able to think strategically, be decisive, and have strong communication and interpersonal skills. The average annual compensation for a CFO is $183,270.

12. Technical Support:

For many firms, technical support employees are on the front lines of customer service. They are the initial point of contact for clients who have technical concerns, and they are crucial in resolving those issues.

They must also have outstanding customer service abilities and be able to interact well with customers. Technical support representatives typically earn an hourly wage, and the median hourly wage for this occupation was $16.21 in May 2019.

13. Private Equity Associate:

One of the highest-paying occupations in consumer services is that of a private equity associate. As an associate, you will be in charge of managing a portfolio of investments and assisting customers in growing their businesses.

You must have good analytical and communication abilities to be successful in this profession. You must also be familiar with working with numbers and be able to make quick decisions.

14. Compliance Officer:

Consider becoming a compliance officer if you want a satisfying career in customer service. As a compliance officer, you will be in charge of ensuring that firms follow consumer protection regulations.

This includes investigating complaints, conducting audits, and providing compliance training. While the job might be demanding, it can also be extremely rewarding. And, best of all, compliance officers typically earn a competitive salary

15. Financial Analyst:

A financial analyst is in charge of giving firms insights and advice on how to best manage their finances. This can range from creating financial planning to researching investment prospects.

Financial analysts often hold a bachelor’s degree in finance or a closely related discipline, as well as professional qualifications. While the job market for financial analysts is predicted to develop at a slower than average rate, the median annual compensation is more than $80,000.

best paying jobs in consumer services

16. Travel Agent

A travel agent’s main responsibility is to assist clients with their travel arrangements. This entails, among other things, selecting travel destinations, making bookings, notifying customers about passport and visa requirements, arranging accommodations on their behalf, and giving clients travel advice based on their worries, needs, and priorities.

The typical travel agent pay in the United States is roughly $61,300 per year, according to data from Salary Explorer. However, this varies from state to state and from company to the employer.

17. Event Planner

A corporate organization, business, or institution may hire an event planner, also known as an event coordinator or events manager, to assist with event planning, meet with clients and suppliers, collaborate with vendors or service providers, and manage all other event-related details.

This entails, among other things, picking and setting up the locations, hiring the artists, organizing the logistics, and preparing for catering.

The average annual wage for an events planner is roughly $51,355, according to PayScale and other compensation statistics. However, depending on expertise and other circumstances, the salary may differ from state to state.

18. Medical Receptionist

A medical receptionist has one of the highest-paying jobs in the consumer services industry. A medical receptionist assists patients with their wants and concerns while working in a hospital or health facility.

In addition to receiving patients, they are in charge of organizing appointments, reminding patients about their appointments, and registering patients following the hospital’s regulations and procedures.

The typical medical receptionist’s pay in the United States is roughly $37,297 per year, according to various statistics. But this can differ from one employer to the next.

19. Online Chat Support:

As the name implies, an online chat supports professional works with any organization or business to assist customers online through chat assistance.

Among other things, a chat support agent or specialist helps customers by responding to their questions and resolving their issues through an online messaging live chat.

The average yearly pay for chat support positions in the US is $43,975, according to Zip Recruiter. The pay, however, can differ depending on your position, background, and employer.

20. Flight Attendant

A flight attendant works to serve passengers aboard a plane by greeting them, assisting them in finding their seats, helping to store carry-on luggage, taking orders from passengers, and doing all necessary safety checks before takeoff.

According to Glassdoor statistics, flight attendants in the United States make an average base salary of roughly $47,563 per year. But among other things, this is dependent on the airline.

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Best paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services

There are many different types of jobs in the finance and consumer services industries, and each comes with its pay scale. Here are some of the best paying jobs in finance and consumer services:

1. Investment bankers

These professionals work in the securities industry and help companies and governments raise money by underwriting and selling stocks and bonds. They typically earn salaries in the range of $100,000 to $250,000.

2. Hedge fund managers

These professionals manage investment portfolios for wealthy individuals and institutions. They typically earn salaries in the range of $500,000 to $1 million.

3. Private equity investors

These professionals invest in privately held companies, often to take them public or sell them to larger companies. They typically earn salaries in the range of $250,000 to $750,000.

4. Commercial bankers

These professionals work in the banking industry and help companies finance their operations through loans and other financial products. They typically earn salaries in the range of $75,000 to $200,000.

5. Insurance executives

These professionals work in the insurance industry and help companies manage risk and protect against potential losses. As of 2022, the average annual pay for an Insurance Executive in the United States is $57,222 a year.

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Pros And Cons Of A Job In Consumer Services

The customer or end user of the product is the focus of the consumer service industry, which is a large industry with several job possibilities and career paths for different experts.

Working in the customer service industry comes with a lot of benefits and drawbacks, and this includes the following:


  • Most jobs don’t need advanced education levels.
  • Some jobs come with commissions and bonuses.
  • On-the-job training helps one to grow professionally.
  • Most consumer service jobs pay well.
  • One can gain essential customer service skills.
  • Most of the jobs have flexible shifts.


  • Long working hours, including weekends.
  • Most of the jobs in consumer services have irregular shifts.
  • You may be tasked with a lot of responsibilities that are demanding and stressful.


Most of these professions pay well, and most simply require a high school certificate or GED credentials. As a result, whether you have a degree or simply a high school diploma, if you are passionate about this profession, you can apply to any company or organization.

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