How to check Neco Result With Your Phone In 2023

This Article Contains Complete Information On How To Check NECO Result With Your Phone Online Via NECO Result Portal.

How to check Neco Result Without Stress, as Every student wants to know their results, students and parents need to know the same.


The NECO has announced the result for all students who have appeared for National Examination Counsel Organizations ,entrance examination of 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020 to be out on 12 August 2023 Nevertheless, All the candidates must offer the 4 cross-cutting compulsory subjects. Candidates are to offer 3 (three) – 4 (four)subjects from their area of specializations and 1 subject of their choice outside their field of specializations , making sure that total number of subjects is not more than nine (9).

The minimum number of subjects is eight 8 and 1 selective Subject making 9 According to NECO Registrar, Professor, Wushishi Dantali, said that out of the 1,298,512 candidates who sat for the NECO examinations, only 730,964 of the candidates got at least five CREDITS PASSES, Which is including the core subjects Mathematics and English Language.

Neco result release date

The National Examination council ( NECO ) Releases his Candidate Results 1 month and 15 days (45days) after the last paper is written. However, the may be Extension of days and delay of results if the need Arise.

how to check neco result with your phone

Some Candidates May not have Android phone or have Access to the internet or even Cybercafe close by and Such student maybe Worried on How to Check Neco Result Using his or her Mobile gadget. Here is How to check Neco Result Send an SMS Using the following Formats, NECO:EXAMNO:YEAROFEXAM:TYPEOFEXAM:PIN To Short Code 32327 ( Glo, Mtn and Airtel network subscribers)

For Instance: NECO:22558800PA:2023:NOV/DEC:98765432

    • Furthermore, Take Note of The format Used, should be followed accordingly and correctly, if not your neco result wont be sent to you.
    • Make sure no spacing between the Massages
    • Cross check for any Error before sending
    • And Note that charges are applied for each Massage sent, that should cost #30 naira Regardless of the Network providing service you make use of.

how to check neco result online

Some students are confused about the neco results. As the result is out, there might be issues in finding out result on official website.

But this article will help you on How to check neco result by step wise and also give you idea about how to study for Further.

  1. Go to NECO result checking website at
  2. Choose your examination year. E.g. 2023
  3. Select your examination type. i.e. INTERNAL SSCE JUN/JULY OR NOV/DEC
  4. Input your Token Numbers and the registration numbers in the Rightful columns.
  5. And, click on the check results button to gain access to your NECO result.

By follow the simple steps stated above, by now you should be seeing your Neco grades in each

how to check neco result without scratch card

If you're searching How to Check Neco Result and you don’t have scratch card , don’t worry just follow this steps below to Get your Result, without stress.

  1. First, log on to the official website, and enter your exam registration Numbers.
  2. Then Click on (NECO Results) after that on the next page click “Check Result!” You will be Redirect to the NECO result checking systems
  3. Select the examination year, for example: 2023, 2022, 2021, or 2020 etc.
  4. Choose the type of Exam: e.g Neco June/July or Neco Oct/Nov.
  5. At the Right Top columns, Fill in the required details.( Reg Number)
  6. Lastly Click the ☑ Check Button and your Grades will be display.

Neco support lines

Contacting Neco Support lines for assistance on how to check neco result is helpful Here are list of Support lines to reach out fod assistance.

  1. 08189342754
  2. 08032224473
  3. 08027597699
  4. 08189342653
  5. 08069232760

You can also reach out to them via Email

[email protected]

FAQ on How to Check Neco Result

  • How much is Neco scratch Card?
    The neco scratch card  cost #1000 naira to obtain the Neco scratch card.


  • When Does Neco Result usually comes out?
    42 – 45 days after the last paper written


  • Can i check neco result without a card?
    You cant check neco result without a scratch card


  • How can contact Neco?
    You can reach out to them via
  • 08189342754
    You can also reach out to them via Email
    [email protected]

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