Study in UK: 16 Best Football Scholarships in UK [How to Apply]

Football Scholarships in UK

Football scholarships are available in UK for athletes who want to study abroad in Europe. These scholarships encourage athletes who are studying in the UK and Europe to excel both academically and athletically.

As a result, studying in Europe is the best option for an international student with a soccer interest. Furthermore, the availability of football scholarships for students makes studying in Europe all the more appealing.

This Football scholarships are available in Europe for college, undergraduate, and postgraduate students who have a passion for the game. Many football scholarships not only subsidize the cost of education but also help the student’s football career.

In this article, MyStudyExtra shares detailed information about The best football scholarships in UK along with links to know more about each Football scholarship’s requirements and application procedure.

Football Scholarships in UK with their Application Links

The financial support you receive from a football scholarship is frequently used to pay for your training and travel expenses, though it may also be used for other things.

Many scholarships will also provide you with extra assistance, such as physiotherapy, access to a gym, coaching, and mentoring, to help you perform at your best.

Below are the best available Football Scholarships in UK (United Kingdom) along with their application links. The best football scholarships in UK are:

  • Chris Potter Bursary
  • Winning Students Football Scholarship
  • Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS)
  • High-Performance Football at UEL
  • She Can Play Scholarship
  • Elite Athlete Scholarship
  • Sean Dyche Family Scholarship
  • BU Sport Scholarship
  • Newcastle University Sports Scholarships and Funding
  • The University of Stirling International Sports Scholarship Program
  • University Sports Scholarship Scheme
  • Brunel University Sports Scholarship
  • Scholarship “Your Chance”
  • UCLAN Women’s Soccer Scholarship
  • Loughborough Football Scholarship (Men)
  • University of Nottingham Disability Sports Scholarship

1. Chris Potter Bursary

One of the best football scholarships in the UK is the Chris Potter Sports Bursary, which is awarded each year to a student who can demonstrate that they have significantly benefited student sport as a participant, official, referee/umpire, coach, or volunteer, with an emphasis on the BUCS program. The scholarship has a value of £1,000. Apply Here Website Link

2. Winning Students Football Scholarship

Football scholarships offered in the UK is the Winning Students Football Scholarship, which is awarded once annually and has a maximum value of £6,000.

They offer customized support and academic flexibility. The women’s football scholarship nominees are chosen by Anna Signeul, the national head coach of the Scottish FA.

To be selected, football players must meet the requirements listed below:

The applicant must have played for Scotland at the senior, U19, or U17 levels or have been chosen by the Scottish FA as a player with the potential to represent Scotland in a major tournament in the future.

Be a member of the Scottish FA National Performance Centre at Heriot-Watt University. Apply Here Website Link

3. Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS)

TASS is a collaboration between gifted athletes, educational institutions, and national governing bodies that receives funding from Sport England and aims to maximize the performance of the most promising young athletes in the UK.

Sports covered by the scholarship include parafootball, diving, rowing, rugby, women’s football, etc. The Women’s Football scholarship is only available to women, and it is distributed through UK universities.

TASS typically provides support for athletes who are currently competing at the England U23-U19 level, either for a WSL 2 Club or in the ETP Development League. Consider TASS if you’re looking for football scholarships in the UK. Apply Here Website Link

4. High-Performance Football at UEL

Tennis, football, volleyball, athletics, and basketball are the five high-performance sports offered by the University of East London (UEL).

Students who are interested in playing football professionally have the chance to gain valuable experience at the collegiate and club levels through the program’s delivery. Winners of the scholarship will receive a bursary of up to £1,500 annually. Apply Here Website Link

5. She Can Play Scholarship

She Can Play Scholarship is one of the best football scholarships in the UK but specifically created for female football players which is offered by the University Campus of Football Business.

The creation of this scholarship was motivated by the importance of elite women’s football. It is open to active Women’s Super League players on the first or second team as well as elite academy players from the Women’s Championship.

Each scholarship has a value of up to £1,500 and includes a sports package that includes UCFB sports gear and financial support for travel to events, training sessions, and games with your club and/or the UCFB Women’s Football (Academy) teams. Apply Here Website Link

Football Scholarships in UK

6. Elite Athlete Scholarship

UCFB offers the perfect environment for developing as a sportsperson while pursuing a degree, and the school also offers the Elite Athlete Scholarship. The recipients of this grant must have participated in at least one sport during the previous two years in their relevant age group.

Applications are encouraged from all students, regardless of disability. The scholarship package includes a UCFB sports kit for the student as well as assistance with travel expenses for practice and competition.

Two categories of scholarships are offered:

National Level

Is for students who have competed in a national development squad or have represented their country. Each scholarship is worth up to £1,500 and includes a £1,000 tuition discount; the remaining funds go toward UCFB sports gear and travel support for practices, competitions, and events.

Regional Level

Students who take part in regional competitions are eligible. Each scholarship is worth up to £1,000 and comes with a £500 price break, UCFB athletic gear, and travel support for practices, competitions, and events.

One of the UK football scholarships you should prioritize is the Elite Athlete Scholarship. Apply Here Website Link

7. Sean Dyche Family Scholarship

Sean Dyche Family Scholarship is one of the football scholarships in the UK offered by UCFB. The three-year scholarship supported by the Sean Dyche Family and UCFB is open to all applicants who have received an offer to enroll in one of the undergraduate programs at UCFB for sports/football coaching and talent development.

For consideration for this scholarship, candidates must have experience in player development, operations, or coaching football.

Candidates must be able to demonstrate extraordinary abilities through extracurricular or academic accomplishments, as well as through inspiring examples of leadership, tenacity, and a commitment to the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

The scholarship comes in the following format and is worth up to £5,000 for one year:

Year 1:

  • £1,500 fee reduction
  • £1,500 for professional football and coaching equipment or software
  • £2,000 to assist with the costs of accommodation

 Year 2:

  • £1,500 fee reduction
  • £1,500 for travel to conferences and degree-related trips and events (including GIS Global Sports Summits)
  • £2,000 to assist with the costs of accommodation

 Year 3:

  • £1,500 fee reduction
  • £1,500 for travel to conferences and degree-related trips and events (including GIS Global Sports Summits)
  • £2,000 to assist with the costs of accommodation

Apply Here Website Link

8. BU Sport Scholarship

This is a general sports scholarship that athletes of all sports can apply for at the University of Bournemouth. Any sport, including football, is eligible, and there is a cash prize of between £500 and $5,000. Since footballers can also apply, the BU Sport Scholarship is regarded as one of the top football scholarships in the UK.

High-level athletes interested in pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies at BU may apply for the BU Sport Scholarship. The scholarship is meant to provide you with the funding you’ll need to improve your athletic prowess.

Applicants are eligible to apply for funding up to £5,000, which you can use to cover coaching, gear, competition entry fees, travel costs, and/or support services.

You must take part in your chosen sport at the regional, national, or international level and compete at the highest level possible (football).

Athletes who are awarded scholarships are expected to compete in the BUCS program and represent the university (League and Individual), as well as themselves and/or their club, at a local, national, or international level. Additionally, individual athletes will face off against the best BUCS competitors. Apply Here Website Link

9. Newcastle University Sports Scholarships and Funding

Students who have excelled in sports and want to build on their success and represent Newcastle University can apply for scholarships and funding of up to £10,000. Since this article is focused on football scholarships in the UK, you can select football among the other sports on the scholarships page. This is a general sports scholarship.

To be eligible for the scholarship, you must be a current Newcastle University undergraduate or postgraduate applicant in any year of study. Additionally, you must be a member of the National Governing Body’s (NGB) performance squads, have an equivalent qualification, and have received senior or age group representative honors at the national and/or regional levels in the previous 12 months.

You must be equally dedicated to developing your football skills and, if necessary, representing the University in British Universities Colleges Sport (BUCS) competitions. Apply Here Website Link

10. The University of Stirling International Sports Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is also rated among the football scholarships in the UK, though it is for general sports. If you are a footballer looking for scholarships, you can apply. The International Sports Scholarship Programme has funded over 700 student-athletes to compete in the Olympic, World, and Commonwealth Games since its inception in 1981.

Financial assistance, academic flexibility, national quality coaching, necessary equipment, and the option to remain on campus are all provided to students.

To be considered for a scholarship, applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program at the University of Stirling, or be in the process of applying for one. Students must also meet the requirements for the sport they have chosen. Apply Here Website Link

11. University Sports Scholarship Scheme

This scholarship is being provided by the University of Kent to help its sports-loving students. Before applying for this scholarship, applicants must not have been admitted to the university. The scholarship offers made to these students do not, however, include an invitation to enroll.

Elite athletes from all sports, including soccer, can apply for sports scholarships. Additionally, applicants must be participating in their chosen sport at least at the county level.

Students with exceptional athletic ability are eligible for this offer at the university’s Canterbury and Medway campuses. Along with the financial award, successful applicants will gain from sports counseling and advice. Apply Here Website Link

12. Brunel University Sports Scholarship

University students who exhibit a particularly strong interest in sports may apply for this scholarship. According to priority sports, the school awards this scholarship.

Despite not being one of the priority sports, the scholarships are available for women’s football. Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medal awards are the types of individual recognition.

Given that they have been granted admission to the university, anyone may apply for a Brunel University sports scholarship. To be considered, candidates must have junior-level athletic success in one of the prioritized sports.

The applicant must provide proof of a top-10 age ranking in the sport of their choice, even if that sport is not their top priority. Apply Here Website Link

best Football Scholarships in the UK

13. Scholarship “Your Chance”

The MSM International Football Academy awards students with this scholarship each year. The soccer academy is looking for exceptionally talented soccer players who want to play professionally.

These athletes must, however, prove that they have a financial need to attend a university in Europe. MSM International Football Academy offers talented and professional players a rare opportunity starting in the summer of 2015.

Students interested in the soccer grant must sign up for the Czech academy’s summer football camp. Apply Here Website Link

14. UCLAN Women’s Soccer Scholarship

The University of Central Lancashire offers this scholarship to female students who are enthusiastic soccer players. Its goal is to promote both individual and group athletic performance.

Players applying for this scholarship ought to be affiliated with an established Center of Excellence. Either the County and Regional level, the Regional level, or the National level should be where they compete. Based on this level, female football players have access to two different scholarship levels.

  • Excellence in Sports Award – for County and Regional representatives performers
  • Elite Sports Performance Award – for National representative performers.

15. Loughborough Football Scholarship (Men)

This two-level scholarship is provided by Loughborough University for male students interested in a football career. It is a performance scholarship that benefits applicants in either:

Tier 2 – an international representative applicant at a youth level; a contracted player with a professional club who has played in the Premier League or England Football League; or a scholar at a Category 1 Academy.


Tier 3 – a scholar at a Category 2 Academy; an international representative at the schoolboys level; an independent school representative; or one who must have demonstrated an exceptional level of commitment to the Club.

An applicant’s attitude and commitment to training and Loughborough Sport are also taken into account, therefore, all first-team squad members would be expected to go through the process of a trial.

16. University of Nottingham Disability Sports Scholarship

The scholarship is offered by the University of Nottingham to support disabled students with sports interests. It is also an attempt to actively encourage disabled students to compete at an elite level within any disability sport to apply to the university.

This scholarship for disabled students is applicable to any type of disability sports, including Football.

Sports scholarships at the university are aimed at providing an unrivaled level of support to the brightest and best talents in the sporting world. The university prides itself on being passionate about supporting promising athletes during their time at the university. Apply Here Website Links


Europe is a continent where football is loved, Football is an intriguing sport with many fans. Students can now successfully combine their love of football with their academic pursuits by looking through the list of football scholarships in UK (United Kingdom) we have provided above.

FAQs on Football Scholarships in UK

Are football scholarships worth it?

The biggest soccer scholarships are worth as much as $60,000 a year.

Can international students apply for football scholarships in UK?

Football scholarships in the UK are open to international students. Students of all nationalities are eligible for the football scholarships on this list.

What are the basic requirements for a UK football scholarship?

Applicants must have applied for or be in the process of applying for a degree program, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, at an accredited institution in the UK to be considered for any of the football scholarships offered there.

Additionally, you must make sure that you satisfy the eligibility requirements outlined by the scholarship board.

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