Top High-Paying Jobs Without a University Degree in Canada

high paying jobs without degree canada

There are a few high-paying jobs without a degree in Canada. If you are planning on moving to Canada to work, then this is the best article for you as its covers many opportunities for immigrants.

Did you know that Canada offers a wide range of employment opportunities? To make immigration simpler, the Canadian government has created several immigration and work permit programs.

And did you know that you don’t need a degree to work in Canada? Without a degree, there are many in-demand jobs available in Canada.

In this article, MyStudyExtra shares detailed information about high paying jobs without degree in Canada, high-paying jobs without a degree or experience, Government jobs without a degree, and also the salaries of these jobs.

Below are the top high paying jobs without degree in canada

1. Web Developer

Being able to work for an employer as well as for yourself makes the profession of a web developer incredibly lucrative. If you are extremely skilled at web development, there is a strong demand for this position in Canada, and the pay is good.

While a college degree isn’t always necessary for this position, it is beneficial. Between $32,700 and $75,114 can be made annually as a web developer.

2. Garbage Truck Driver

The price of disposing of garbage will surprise you. Garbage truck drivers are frequently needed in Canada because of how seriously the country takes hygiene. The driver must have a current driver’s license, but no college degree is necessary for this position.

Since you must communicate with clients, the majority of companies opt for drivers with a DZ license and strong communication abilities. Based on experience, the pay ranges from ($15.24 – $25.06) per hour. The driver may expect to make between $31,779 and $61,264 each year.

3. Pilot

Another occupation that doesn’t need a college degree is that of a professional pilot. The majority of people are unaware that you may work as a pilot without a college degree.

The training for this career is necessary, but once you complete it and have your certification, you are free to work. In Canada, the average yearly salary for a pilot is $75,396. It is a tremendously rewarding but tough occupation.

4. Electrician

A college degree is not necessary to work as an electrician. In Canada, there is a significant demand for this position because it pays quite well. An electrician has two employment options: contract work where he/she finds clients independently, or working as staff in a firm and receiving pay. An electrician may expect to make between $35,759 and $92,276 each year.

5. Executive Chef

Food is a necessity, so this is a career that will always be in demand. A degree is not necessary for the position of a professional chef; rather, it requires culinary expertise. Canada needs you if you are a certified chef with expertise.

A chef might work in a cafe, hotel, food truck, etc. There are countless work opportunities, and a chef who is knowledgeable about various cuisines can make a good living. The annual salary ranges from $39,701 to $80,243.

6. Welding

In Canada, there is a significant demand for this particular employment. Welders are always being advertised for, particularly by Western Canadian construction firms.

Welders are always needed, which accounts for the large number of immigrants seeking skilled workers who are snatching this position. Without a degree, it is a skilled occupation that pays between $33,877 and $85,602 a year.

7. Real Estate Agent

Most people are unaware that you do not need a college degree to work as a real estate agent. Even while completing the program and earning the certification will cost money, it is ultimately well worth it.

Due to the constant availability of homes for sale, this profession is lucrative in Canada. Once certified, you can work as an agent and get an average yearly salary of $107, 843. There are several openings for this position, so you might as well apply.

8. Car sales executive

Another position that doesn’t necessitate a college or university degree is this one. If you are educated about cars and have strong marketing skills, you might wish to try this job.

Most of the time, the company will want that you have marketing expertise, so if you do, you are the perfect candidate for the position. In Canada, an automobile sales professional can make up to $78,994 per year.

9. Automotive service technician/mechanic

In Canada, a mechanic can work and make a respectable living. This position is always in demand and does not call for a college degree. Experience is a must for employers, and the work can be highly demanding. The salary ranges from $26,532 to $71,119 each year.

10. Driver

In Canada, being a driver is a comfortable lifestyle. The only prerequisite for this position is a valid driver’s license.

There are a variety of employers to choose from. As long as he has a non-probationary driver’s license, a driver can operate as a transit driver as well as a company driver. An annual salary for a driver can range from $31,968 to $72,264.

11. Constructions

Research indicates that the construction sector contributes more than 7% of the Canadian economy. Even though the country is established, numerous construction projects are still being not finished.

According to research, Canadian construction workers make about $30,000 a year. You may make up to $50,000 a year if you have some construction knowledge and can work in the industry as a laborer, electrician, or carpenter.

12. Agriculture

Food is a basic requirement for survival. People cannot survive for very long without nourishment. Good! So, from where does that food originate? Agriculture.

Talent or the ability to learn one is all that is required to work in agriculture. You don’t need a college degree to work in agriculture. In Canada, farmers make between $30,000 and $60,000 a year.

13. Hospitality

Working in the hospitality industry requires you to be able to speak at least one other language fluently. You can serve in the kitchen or as a steward or poster. In this industry, the average salary is $25,000.

14. Internet Business

Online opportunities are plentiful in the time we live in. While some people use the internet to make money, others use it to spend it. There are several online enterprises that, if done properly, might provide you with a good living.

The capacity to read and write in plain English is a must for Internet enterprises. Blogging, affiliate marketing, freelance work, etc.

high-paying jobs without a degree in canada

Top Government jobs without a degree

Because so many organizations and departments, including the RCMP, Parks Canada, and the Canadian Security Intelligence Services, are now hiring, there are several government jobs Canada opportunities available.

1. Lifeguard

Average salary/wage $14.42 per hour: Government lifeguards work at public beaches, state parks, and recreation facilities. Swimmers in and around the water are watched over by a lifeguard. To get rid of risks or dangerous behavior, lifeguards keep an eye on safety procedures and harm prevention.

To guarantee safety, a lifeguard informs visitors of the rules and regulations and enforces them. There may be different requirements, and some lifeguards may need to pass a physical test or finish certifications.

2. Library assistant

Average salary: $16.45 per hour: The location of library resources is helped and guided by a library assistant. They take messages, field calls, and answer phones. Books are sorted and shelved by assistants who also mark outmoded or outdated items.

Library assistants issue and receive materials like slides, microfilm, cards, or photos as well as check out and renew borrowed items. Many government entities operate libraries, and most library assistants receive their training on the job.

3. Data entry clerk

Average salary: $18.12 per hour: Data entry clerks are employed by government agencies like the tax collector’s office or the department of motor vehicles. Data clerks update and enter consumer information to manage databases. A clerk who enters data follows or decides on entry priorities after gathering and sorting information.

When entering data, clerks follow established rules and procedures, and they may occasionally check accounts for missing or incorrect data. Although data entry clerks learn on the job, having computer skills is advantageous.

4. Court reporter

Average salary $18.35 per hour: During court hearings, depositions, and other events, a court reporter, also known as a stenographer or shorthand reporter, converts spoken or recorded speech into written words.

To create official transcripts, they use voice-writing technology, machine shorthand, or shorthand. Reporters typically work with local, state, and federal governments as well as private legal companies.

5. Administrative assistant

Average salary: $18.44 per hour: Administrative assistants work for politicians, courthouses, and the armed forces, among other local, state, and federal government agencies. Typically, they take memoranda, answer phones, and keep files.

They may also be in charge of sending and receiving communication and documents, as well as greeting clients and customers. In addition to supporting senior management, administrative assistants provide spreadsheets and presentations.

6. Postal clerk

Average salary: $19.74 per hour: Postal workers receive mail and packages, as well as offer stamps, postage, and addressed envelopes. Money order forms are filled up and sold by clerks, who also sort mail for carriers and check packages and letters for the correct postage. Customers can get help from postal workers filling out documents for exceptional delivery situations, passport processing, or address changes.

7. Census taker (enumerator)

Average salary: $20.40 per hour: A census taker walks around communities to gather information on the population, the economy, and housing. They normally patrol a predetermined region and provide the relevant authority with the meticulously collected information.

8. Social services assistant

Average salary: $20.60 per hour: A social services assistant logs client visits and developments. They assist patients and their families in getting medical information or resolving issues. To assist clients in gaining access to social services programs like food stamps or housing assistance, assistants collaborate with supervisors to devise strategies.

9. Subway and streetcar operator

Average salary: $20.75 per hour: Trains or streetcars are operated along predetermined routes either above ground or underground. Streetcar and subway drivers use signals to decide when to halt, slow down, or move forward.

10. Court clerk

Average salary: $21.01 per hour:  The assistance of a court clerk is given to judges, attorneys, and other court officials. They create agendas, distribute court orders, and handle and maintain court documents. Court calendars are kept up to date by clerks, who also handle papers including subpoenas, injunctions, and judgments.

Legal pleadings, motions, or lawsuits may be accuracy-reviewed by clerks. Certain occupations can need an associate’s degree in criminal justice or a closely related field.

High-paying jobs without a degree or experience

Several jobs offer reasonable working conditions and pay good salaries without requiring a degree in the field. Here are some of the highest jobs without degrees or experience:

1. Miners

Average salary: $21.71 per hour: In an underground setting, miners are in charge of mining minerals including ore, rocks, and coal. They also create supporting routes to facilitate their entry and exit from the mines.

While moving the rocks and ore they extracted to their final places above ground, miners carefully control explosives to break huge boulders or ores into smaller and easier-to-transport parts. In addition, they guarantee the safety of their coworkers and the area around them.

2. Theatre practitioners

Average salary: $23.23 per hour: To deliver an impressive performance, actors and dancers practice their songs, dances, and lines. However, actors may improvise when the situation calls for it. They coordinate with their agents, set up auditions, and go to them.

Theatre professionals also conduct character research before rehearsals, show up for wardrobe fittings, follow the director’s orders, and collaborate with other actors to improve their performances. No degree is necessary because motivation, love, and a desire to learn are frequently sufficient for a career as a theatre practitioner.

3. Landscape technician

Average salary: $21.28 per hour: Mowing, providing fertilizer, setting up sprinklers, and diagnosing and treating plant diseases are all ways that landscape experts take care of lawns. In addition, they plant trees and bushes, layout garden spaces and walkways, and track the development of plants and flowers.

To do these jobs, landscape specialists need to be able to operate machineries like lawnmowers, backpack sprayers, and weed eaters.

4. Claims adjusters

Average salary: $51,987 per year: A claim adjuster carefully examines the insurance claim’s culpability for property damage or bodily harm. Claims adjusters gather data from many sources to assess insurance responsibility based on the severity of the person’s or property’s damage.

Claims adjusters interview claimants, engineers, and witnesses while performing this duty. They also communicate with policyholders and engineers. Processing claims, creating reports on them, and settling payments with claimants are additional responsibilities.

5. Translators

Average salary: $23.71 per hour: Audio and text records must be translated from one language to another by translators. They occasionally translate texts into several languages while taking care to preserve the tone and content that the original text communicates.

Additionally, translators examine the original text, do background research on industry jargon, and edit translations for accuracy in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. To assess the quality of the translation, they create subtitles for both web and video presentations and cross-reference specialized dictionaries and translation resources. Although a degree in the language you’re translating into can be an asset, it is not necessary for this position.

6. Mobile developers

Average salaries: $80,778 per year: The concept, release, and support phases of an application’s lifetime are all supported by mobile developers. They also collect particular needs, provide solutions, and design interfaces in addition to producing fully functional mobile applications.

To enhance user experience, developers also spot application issues, troubleshoot them, and debug them. Since they are both involved in the design and development of new application features, they also communicate with product developers.

Keeping up with technological developments and suggesting new mobile applications, goods, and protocols are additional responsibilities. The position does not call for a degree.

7. Maintenance manager

Average salary: $76,025 per year: A maintenance manager develops maintenance protocols, puts them into practice, inspects facilities, spots problems, and fixes them. They are in charge of organizing and managing all construction-related repairs and installations.

The hydraulic and electrical systems of a building are also maintained by maintenance managers. They also keep track of maintenance budgets, costs, and budgets for equipment, as well as relationships with contractors and service providers. No academic background is necessary for this position.

8. Receptionists

Average salary: $16.94 per hour: Receptionists welcome and direct visitors when they enter an office or institution. The average hourly wage is $16.94. They make sure the reception area is tidy and appealing and has all the supplies and stationery needed. Through phone calls and in-person interactions, the receptionist also gives correct basic office information.

Utilizing and maintaining office supplies like computers and copiers are among the technical abilities required of a receptionist. In addition, receptionists require solid communication and verbal skills, good time-management and multitasking skills, and healthy customer service behavior.

9. Warehouse worker

Average salary: $16.46 per hour: Orders are prepared and finished by warehouse personnel for pickup or delivery. Loading, packing, wrapping, labeling, and shipping the order are included in this. They are also in charge of processing and receiving the merchandise for the warehouse.

The same goes for tasks like unloading, labeling, and storing the goods. Workers in the warehouse are also responsible for carrying out inventory controls and upholding a high quality of their audits. Strong organizational abilities, expertise with and knowledge of warehousing procedures and practices, and a current forklift license are some prerequisites for a warehouse worker.

10. Conductor

Average salary:$85,393 per year: Train conductors must separate or reunite train cars and give locomotive engineers instructions on when to depart from a station, halt, or slow down. Additionally, they are in charge of ticket sales and making sure that everyone has a valid ticket before boarding the train.

Additionally, to maintain order in the carriages, train conductors need extensive knowledge of the railway system as well as the ability to stand for extended periods. Because they contact passengers regularly, they also need to be skilled communicators and decision-makers.


As you can see, There are a wide variety of high paying jobs without degree in Canada, high-paying jobs without a degree or experience, and Government jobs without a degree.  So If you’re interested in any of these jobs, it’s very important to complete your study and have the relevant knowledge, abilities, and training because some of them can call for formal education.

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