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UPDATED: Check Out How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Services


    how many jobs are available in consumer services

    Many people do ask how many jobs are available in consumer services. The job market for consumer services is constantly changing. However, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were over 2.9 million jobs in the field as of 2020.

    This number is expected to show little to no change over the next ten years, so if you’re interested in consumer services jobs and their opportunities, keep reading.


    In this article, We have put out details about how many jobs are available in consumer services, the Best paying jobs in finance consumer services, Top Companies Offering Consumer Services Jobs and Where can I find consumer services jobs?

    What is consumer service?

    Consumer services are defined as services sold as an experience or result rather than a real object. It is largely aimed at individuals rather than organizations and is the polar opposite of physical consumer products.

    The industry is broad, comprising many various industries and playing an important role in today’s global economy.

    Online consumer services is another industry that is gaining pace. The internet has created a new platform for providing consumer services. Many people, for example, prefer to bank online rather than waste time and resources going to the bank.

    Examples of Consumer services

    As earlier indicated, the consumer services industry includes a diverse array of fields. The following are some examples of consumer services:

    1. E-commerce

    Ecommerce platforms enable customers to purchase things online and have them delivered to them. The key service provided in this industry is the ease of being able to purchase a product without having to walk to the store, as is normally the case.

    2. Restaurant

    While most restaurants sell food as a product, certain high-end restaurants make the food a part of the experience. It is a service that enhances the surroundings, decoration, music, cuisine, and pranks in front of you, among other things.

    3. Insurance

    Insurance companies enable you to place risk on others in exchange for a fee known as a premium.

    4. Banking

    Clients can use banking services to make payments. Internet and mobile banking have improved the banking experience even further.

    5. Education and Healthcare

    In exchange for a fee, educational institutions provide knowledge, whereas the healthcare industry provides organized care for people in a community.

    Other consumer services examples include:

    • Legal services
    • hospitality services
    • Transportation

    Is consumer services a good career path?

    The simple answer is Yes. Choosing Consumer services as a career path has many benefits. Below are some reasons why consumer services is a good career path.

    1. Diverse career paths

    Because consumer services is a global industry that spans multiple industries, there are numerous career paths available based on your abilities and goals. The profession options are nearly limitless, whether you want to be a chef in a high-end hotel or a Backend engineer for an e-commerce platform.

    2. Job Opportunities

    Because consumer services are multi-sectoral, there are several work options. You can occupy a variety of roles and play an important part in the consumer services industry, depending on your specialization and experience.

    3. Attractive remuneration

    According to USNews, the typical compensation for consumer services representatives in the United States in 2020 was $35,830, with the best-paid quarter earning $45,400.

    How many jobs are available in consumer services?

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are presently 2.9 million customer service representative jobs in the United States alone. There are millions of opportunities available for individuals who work in various areas of the consumer services business, such as finance, marketing, and many more.

    As more businesses move online, the labor market is always evolving. This tendency will expand the industry’s potential.

    Finance consumer services

    Finance consumer services is a subsection of the larger financial services industry that deals with providing financial expertise to individuals and businesses to assist them to manage their money, planning their financial future, creating profits, and meeting their tax requirements.

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a United States federal agency dedicated to ensuring that people or firms in the financial services industry do not take advantage of or treat their customers unfairly.

    How many jobs are available in finance consumer services?

    According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 7,157,700 employment in Finance and consumer services. Positions in business and finance consumer services are expected to expand 8% between 2020 and 2030, adding around 750,800 new jobs.

    The following factors will raise the demand for finance specialists such as accountants, auditors, market research analysts, and so on. include:

    • Globalization,
    • Growing economy, and
    • Complex tax and regulatory environment.

    The median salary per year for roles in finance consumer services was $76,570 in 2021. Jobs in finance consumer services include:

    1. Accountants and Auditors
    2. Budget Analysts
    3. Claims Adjusters, Appraisers, Examiners, and Investigators
    4. Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analysis Specialists
    5. Cost Estimators
    6. Financial Analysts
    7. Financial Examiners
    8. Fundraisers
    9. Human Resources Specialists
    10. Insurance Underwriters
    11. Labor Relations Specialists
    12. Loan Officers
    13. Supply Chain and Logistics Specialists
    14. Management Analysts
    15. Market Research Analysts

    Top high-paying jobs in finance consumer services

    The remuneration in the finance consumer services industry is competitive, but because not all positions pay the same, here are the top 5 best-paid jobs in the finance consumer services field according to the median wage reported by BSL.

    1. Personal Financial Advisors

    Personal financial advisors are among the highest-paid occupations in finance and consumer services. In 2021, the median pay in the field will be $94,170. The profession includes assisting individuals in planning their financial future, as well as counseling them on the best ways to handle their money.

    2. Management Analysts

    Management analysts are next on our list of the best-paid finance consumer services careers. This field’s median income is $93,000.

    3. Financial Analysts

    Financial analysts are among the highest-paid professionals in the business and finance consumer services industries. The median wage in 2021 was $81,410.

    4. Financial Examiners

    Financial examiners are specialists that guarantee that a company or organization that handles financial transactions is in compliance with the applicable regulations. According to 2021 data, the median pay in this field is $81,410.

    5. Budget Analysts

    Budget Analysts, who earned a median income of $79,940 in 2021, round out our list of the top 5 best paying positions in financial and consumer services.

    How many jobs are available in other consumer services?

    The consumer services job market is vast with many job opportunities running into millions. Other jobs in this industry include:

    • sales representative
    • customer service analyst
    • customer care officer
    • Remote Customer Care Specialist
    • Enrollment and Services Specialist – Remote
    • Claims Processor
    • Cyber-security Analyst
    • Consumer Operations Associate
    • Dealer Development Representative
    • Facilities Coordinator
    • Payment Advisor – Merchant Services
    • Administrative Assistant, A&R
    • Content Specialist
    • Chef
    • Restaurant manager

    Top Companies Offering Consumer Services Jobs

    These are just a few of the many companies that provide opportunities in consumer services. With so many alternatives accessible, you’re sure to find the appropriate job for you. There are numerous excellent companies that provide consumer services employment. Here are a handful of the leading companies in this field:


    Amazon is one of the world’s largest online retailers, employing over 500,000 people worldwide. They have a wide range of customer service positions available, such as customer service agents, order processing professionals, and others.


    Apple, one of the most well-known technology businesses, offers customer service opportunities in both their retail shops and online.


    Walmart, being one of the world’s largest retailers, offers a number of customer service professions, including cashiers, stockers, and others.


    Target, another huge retailer, has customer service positions available both in-store and online.

    Best Buy:

    Best Buy, a renowned electronics company, has customer service positions available both in-store and online.


    Comcast is a major cable and internet service provider. They are well-known for providing exceptional customer service and are always looking for talented people to join their team.

    Where can I find consumer services jobs?

    There are numerous sites to look for consumer services employment. You can look for jobs on job boards, corporate websites, and search engines. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce or business group as well.

    Finally, you can contact consumer services agencies directly. Here are some examples of consumer services job boards:

    Here are some examples of company websites that often have consumer services job postings:

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