How to unshare data on Glo(2023 updated)

This Article Contains Complete Information On How to UNSHARE data on Glo. Stay Glued to this article as we guide you on easy way to do it. Lets go.

How to unshare data on Glo without knowing the number

Want to know How to unshare data on glo without knowing the number ? Okay before you can unshare
user from ur data usage , you must first know the number of the person you want to unshare ,
However , to know the LIST PEOPLEs sharing your data subscriptions, simply dial this code *127*02# or
Send “List” as SMS to 127. It will Bring out List of Numbers sharing your data, copy it , after copying it then follow this steps below:

  1. Open your phone dialer app, dial this code, *777#, and press the green send button.
  2. From the menus that will be display to you, press/Enter “1” for “Data“.
  3. And on the next page that will pop up, enter “3” for “Data Share Plan“.
  4. Okey Next, press “2” for “Unshare Data“, and It will asked you to provide the recipients phone
  5. However, do so, and press “Send“, and the number will immediately be removed from your data
    sharing list.

Why is my Glo data finishing fast?

There are several reasons why your Glo data may be finishing fast

  1. Auto-play videos, high-resolution images, and multimedia content can quickly deplete your Glo
    internet data. To address this, you can adjust the settings within each social media app to disable auto-play
    videos or set them to play only when connected to Wi-Fi. Additionally, reducing image quality settings can help conserve data.
  2. Lack of mindful data consumption can contribute to fast data usage. It’s important to keep
    track of your data usage, connect to Wi-Fi networks whenever possible, and optimize app settings to reduce unnecessary data usage. Some apps also offer data-saving features that can help conserve data.
  3. Streaming media, such as video or music, can consume a significant amount of data.
    To make your data last longer, you can adjust the streaming quality or utilize offline features
    when available. This can help reduce data usage while still enjoying your favorite media content.
  4. Outdated apps can sometimes use more data than necessary. It is recommended to update your apps via Wi-Fi to minimize data usage
  5. In some cases, incorrect APN (Access Point Name) settings can lead to a slow and unstable
    network connection, which may result in increased data consumption. Ensuring that your APN settings are correctly configured can help stabilize your Glo mobile data

Dont forget to regularly check your data balance to monitor your usage and prevent unexpected data

How can I know who is sharing my Glo data?

To know the people sharing ur data and How to unshare glo data without them knowing , simply
Dial *127*02# or Send “List” to 127

How do I stop Glo from deducting my data?

To stop Glo from deducting your data, you can take the following steps:

  1. Cancel Auto-Renewal: If you have any auto-renewal or subscription services active that deduct data without your consent, it is important to cancel them. You can do this by sending an SMS with the keyword STOP to 2442. This will stop all unsolicited SMS, calls, and value-added services that may be deducting your data
  2. Unsubscribe from Glo Value Added Services: Glo provides various value-added services that may deduct your data. You can unsubscribe from these services by sending an SMS with the keyword STOP  to the respective short code provided by Glo for each service[\[1\]] ( deducting-my-credit-for-data-in-nigeria).
  3. Contact Glo Customer Care: If the deduction continues even after taking the above steps, it is
    advisable to reach out to Glo customer care.
    You can contact them via phone, email, or social media to explain the issue and seek assistance
    in stopping the data deductions

Glo customer care Number on WhatsApp

How to contact Glo customer support to assist you on how to unshare glo data. The customer care number for Glo in Nigeria is 121 or 200. You can dial any of these numbers from your Glo line to reach their customer care service.

Alternatively, you can also dial +2348050020121 or +2348050020200 if you are calling from a non-Glo line or if you are outside Nigeria.

To contact Glo customer care via email, you can send an email on How to unshare glo data to [email protected] Make sure to provide all necessary details and explain your issue clearly in the email. It is recommended to use your registered email address or the one associated with your Glo line for a faster response.

To contact Glo customer care through Facebook and Instagram, you can follow these steps:


1. Go to Glo’s official Facebook page:
2. Click on the Message button on the page to start a conversation with Glo’s customer care.


1. Go to Glo’s official Instagram page:
2. Click on the ”Message”  button on the page to start a conversation with Glo’s customer care.

Once you click on the ”Message” button on either platform, you can send a direct message to Glo’s
customer care team and explain your issue. They will reply to you as soon as possible and assist you with
your query.


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