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Top 15 Jobs In Canada For Foreigners Without Experience

    Jobs In Canada For Foreigners Without Experience
    Jobs In Canada Without Experience

    Over 35 million people are living in Canada. The country also benefits from free healthcare, education, a free society, and stability in the economy and politics. Seeking Jobs In Canada For Foreigners Without Experience is not that difficult.

    To meet the demands of its expanding economy on the labor market, Canada needs qualified workers. People in some of the most popular and highly-paid jobs in the world now have a fantastic opportunity. Employers in Canada are eager to appoint qualified experts in a range of fields.

    The Best Jobs In Canada For Foreigners Without Experience are listed below. These jobs offer high salaries with the potential to earn significantly more in the long run through growth, despite the relatively low experience requirement for obtaining one of them.

    List Of Jobs In Canada For Foreigners Without Experience And Their Average salary:

    1. Landscaper

    Being outside, working with your hands, and making things grow are all part of being a landscaper. The only challenge is that it’s hard to be a landscaper if you have allergies to dust, grass, and pollen. If not, this job offers relatively good pay. The average annual salary would be up to $71,500 per year.


    2. Kitchen Helper

    No experience or education is required for this role. Many restaurants and cafes would hire people for this role. A job like this in the food service industry can be a big stepping stone for anyone looking to build a career in restaurant management as a chef, host, or produce handler. The on-the-job training will be beneficial to climbing the career ladder. The average annual salary would be $26,000-$48,000.

    3. Care Giver

    Some Companies provide on-the-job training and valuable experience. Home Instead Senior Care is an institution that offers various non-medical services that allow seniors to age in the comfort of a home and face the challenges of aging with dignity, care, and compassion.

    While job ads will mention whether the experience is required or not, they’ll also stipulate what will be required of you. The average annual salary would be $27,300-$34,125.

    4. Dishwasher

    Canada has many massive food service industries that hire 1000s of employees. They supply schools, colleges, hospitals, office buildings, senior living communities, tourist attractions, sports venues, remote camps, military installations, and other locations that need these services. The average annual salary would be $26,000-$32,561.

    5. Recruiter

    Recruiting is an excellent field to go into if you like meeting people. They find the best job candidates by cruising LinkedIn and helping companies screen and conduct interviews. Since many take a commission or part of the recruited worker’s salary. The average annual salary would be up to $120,000 per year.

    6. Shipper

    Every company that sells stuff needs to have a Shipper and Receiver. They’re in charge of everything coming in and going out. They’re essential to the success of any organization, and there aren’t many requirements for getting in the door, making it a great career track if you’re looking to make money without getting a ton of school or certifications. The average annual salary would be up to $162,600 per year.

    7. Room Attendant

    A job in the hotel’s housekeeping department doesn’t require experience, and on-the-job training is provided. A Room Attendant is responsible for cleaning all guest rooms and keeping the closets clean. The average annual salary would be up to $25,867-$35,526.

    8. Cashier

    A cashier job is high in demand and a great opportunity in the booming city of Toronto. They require a team player with good communication skills that will be able to handle customers and cash, assist customers and support the promotions department. The average annual salary would be up to $29,441 -$34,701.

    9. Driver Residential

    Due to the increasing population and growing needs, there is often a massive demand for residential drivers. Candidates should be older than 18, have a valid driver’s license, and have a clean criminal record. The average annual salary would be up to $29,250-$44,068.

    10. Packaging

    The packaging job has great demand in the food industry. The average annual salary would be up to $22,880-$41,600. Due to the increasing food demand, this department offers many job offerings.

    While hunting for jobs in Canada may not be very easy, it is not impossible. However, many people have this misconception that to get a job in Canada Canadian experience is necessary. Of course, in some cases, this might be true but not always. Here we are listing 5 jobs that do not require you to have experience working in Canada.

    Jobs In Canada Without Experience

    5 Jobs In Canada Without Experience

    1. Real Estate Agent

    To work as a real estate agent in this country you must complete a 60-hour course. However, prior experience working in this field or Canada is not necessary. Depending on your connections and way of operations on average you can earn a salary of $51,879 as a real estate agent in Canada. More often the agents here work on a commission basis which means there are no limitations to earnings.  

    2. Public Relations Assistant

    This job is perfect for extroverts, who love attention and to talk with different types of people. Interestingly, fresh candidates are more in demand in this profession. It is because it helps the professionals to mold them according to their standards.

    Some of the features that are a must for a successful public relations assistant include strong writing and communication skills. On average you can earn a $45,498 salary as a publicity assistant.

    3. Customer Service Representative

    Another job that is perfect for those who love talking to people is that of a customer service representative. Most probably, the Canadian company will expect you to take training or an internship before joining them.

    Apart from that, you do not require any other preparations. Some of the qualities that are a  must in this job include friendliness, good communication skills, a team-player attitude, and a positive personality. The average salary you may get for this job is $30,688. 

    4.  Home Care Aid 

    If you are one of those who love to care for the elderly, and sick children on a day-to-day basis then you can always think of taking up the job of a home care aid in Canada. It is one of the jobs in Canada that is in big demand but with very low response.

    As a home care assistant, you can earn $11 per hour basis. Some of the things you may require for this job include a valid driver’s license and in some cases, you may require a certification.

    5. Medical Assistant

    As a medical assistant, you can earn an average salary of $33,719. The profession can be suitable for those who like to work in a doctor’s office or hospital environment. From interacting with the patients to answering queries at the front desk, as a medical assistant, you can pick up the job of your choice.

    The more experience you get the better opportunities and payment packages you can get in the future. From a junior assistant to a senior position, this job offers a lot of scope for making it big in life.

    Visa And Work Permit

    There are several ways to obtain a work visa for Canada. The Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP), which will give you a temporary license to work in Canada, is the most popular type. Later on, after gaining sufficient work experience in Canada, you can apply for permanent residency, at which point you won’t need a work permit to work there.

    Consultants would offer advice and assistance throughout the various application phases. Candidates can get sponsorship assistance from a knowledgeable Canadian immigration consultant. It is more likely that the visa application and process will be expedited. Within a few weeks, they hope to approve qualified applicants.

    The process of applying for a visa is very organized. For an application to be successful, understanding the documents that must be filed is important. These documents can be processed by visa consultants with ease because they have handled similar requests from numerous applicants in the past.

    Jobs in Canada for Immigration

    Finding a job first might be more advantageous because it will speed up the process of obtaining a permanent visa for immigration to Canada. Once a Canadian business expresses interest in hiring you, the business must submit a job offer to Employment and Social Development Service Canada.

    Your new Canadian employer is required to provide you with a copy of the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and a written job offer if it is favorable. By demonstrating that you will work once you arrive in Canada, you meet the most fundamental requirements, which will give your visa application an advantage over those of other applicants.

    Eligibility criteria

    Find out if you qualify before making the move to Canada. Get in touch with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) to discuss your options for a work permit and get help with your visa application.

    There Are Two Types Of Work Permits You Can Get: 

    1. A general work permit and a work permit tailored to an employer. Many employers will help you with your work permit application, but some will insist that you already have one. It permits you to work anywhere in Canada for any employer, as long as you stay within the boundaries set by federal law.

    2. If you work for more than one employer, an employer-specific work permit will limit your employment to that employer or those employers. Your work permit will specify your employer’s name and the geographical area in which you may work. You will need to apply if you want to change this requirement.


    Jobs In Canada For Foreigners Without Experience: In Canada, there are a variety of jobs that can be carried out without experience. You can visit sites like to check for the available jobs. Before accepting a job offer in Canada, always check with an immigration specialist to make sure you have the proper documentation.

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