Jobs In Australia: Here are the 14 Highest Paying Remote Jobs in Australia

Highest Paying Remote Jobs in Australia

Are you looking for work-from-home jobs in Australia? Mystudyextra has compiled a comprehensive list of the Highest paying remote jobs in Australia.

Following the COVID-19-related lockdowns that occurred in Australia in 2020 and 2021, more Australians than ever before are comfortable working remotely.

Working from home has numerous advantages for professionals ranging from accountants to customer service representatives.

In this article, we have discussed the Highest Paying Remote Jobs in Australia, as well as the best jobs for those with a lot of experience and those with no experience, as well as where you can look for these types of Work From Home jobs.

What Is Considered a Highest-Paying Job in Australia:

Australia is widely regarded as a relatively expensive country. This is especially true if you live in a city like Sydney or Melbourne, which are both ranked as the 42nd and 71st most expensive cities in the world, respectively.

If you’re looking for a high-paying job in Australia, you should first understand what that term means.

There are numerous remote jobs in Australia that pay $100,000 or more. There are also numerous high-paying remote jobs that, when combined with a second source of income, would easily meet or exceed the $100,000 mark.

Types of High-Paying Remote Jobs In Australia:

Whether you have experience in a specific industry or not, there are plenty of high-paying remote jobs available in Australia. If you live in or plan to relocate to Australia, the list below breaks down some of the various types of high-paying Work From Home (WFH) jobs to consider.


Some of the highest-paying remote jobs in Australia are in the creative industry (and throughout the world). Graphic design jobs, marketing jobs, and writing jobs are some examples of creative jobs.

Do you have an artistic or educational background? If this is the case, you most likely possess the skills and qualifications required to earn a good living and land these types of high-paying positions.


You can also make a good living working remotely in a remote sales position. A sales job could entail working as a telemarketer, a salesperson for a specific company, or even as a sales manager in charge of an entire team of salespeople.

These jobs used to be done exclusively from an office or call center, but it’s not uncommon in 2022 for people to do them remotely. 

Customer Service

Customer service positions are the lifeblood of many businesses in Australia and around the world. Working as a customer service representative or customer service manager allows you to make a positive impression on businesses. You will also be crucial in assisting them in developing a stronger sense of loyalty among their target audiences.


Jobs in the IT (information technology) or tech sector are excellent places to look for Australian remote jobs that pay $100,000 or more.

Web development or software engineering jobs, as well as tech support, tech support management, and CTO (chief technology officer) positions, are examples of high-paying tech jobs.


Many administrative tasks will be able to be completed remotely by 2022. This includes receptionist, data entry, and transcriptionist positions, among others.

A receptionist working from home would have seemed absurd just a few years ago. However, as many businesses transition to a remote-only structure, this approach has quickly become the norm.


Many finance jobs can now be done from home as well. There’s no reason why you can’t meet with your accounting clients or offer financial advice to individuals or business owners remotely if you have easy access to a computer, a phone, and a strong internet connection.

Top 7 Highest-Paying Remote Jobs in Australia for Experienced Professionals

If you’ve spent a significant amount of time working in a specific industry or have received training in a specific field, you’ll have an easier time qualifying for some of Australia’s highest-paying remote jobs.

The following are the top 7 highest-paying remote jobs in Australia for experienced professionals:

1. Software Engineer

Expected Salary Range: $100,000 to $160,000 per year

Similar Job Titles: Software developer, Solutions Architect, Java developer.

What They Do: Software engineers are technical professionals who design and develop a wide range of computer systems and applications. They have extensive backgrounds in technology and may work as in-house engineers for a specific company. They could also work for a company that has several clients looking for apps and software programs to solve real-world problems.

2. Account Executive

Expected Salary Range: $108,000 to $206,000 per year

Similar Job Titles: Account manager, Sales executive

What They Do: Account executives are salespeople. They are responsible for a variety of tasks, but their primary responsibility is to serve the needs of the company’s existing customers while also closing sales and making deals to bring in new customers.

Account executives can easily work from home and communicate with existing and prospective clients to promote a company’s products, answer questions, and close deals.

3. Product Manager

Expected Salary Range: $110,000 to $171,500 per year

Similar Job Titles: Project manager

What They Do: Project managers (or PMs for short) are professionals who handle a variety of tasks such as project planning, organization, and direction. They ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the exact specifications of the client.

Project managers work for a wide range of companies, from technology to healthcare, and they can easily consult with their teams from home using video conferencing and project management software.

4. Accountant

Expected Salary Range: $79,142 to $116,469 per year

Similar Job Titles: Finance consultant, Financial advisor, Bookkeeper

What They Do: An accountant is responsible for a wide range of financial tasks. Everything from bookkeeping and financial document preparation to audits of company books and tax preparation are covered. They handle all of the financial information that keeps a business running smoothly, but they can also help individuals manage their finances.

5. Business Analyst

Expected Salary Range: $99,136 to $136,500 per year

Similar Job Titles: Data analyst, Analyst, Policy officer.

What They Do: Business analysts are critical in ensuring that businesses run as smoothly as possible. They assess businesses to identify specific areas where they can become more efficient, productive, and so on.

They collaborate closely with various members of the business, from the owner to individual team managers, to share their findings and appropriately implement changes (and these communications can easily take place remotely).

6. Marketing Manager

Expected Salary Range: $90,000 to $145,007 per year

Similar Job Titles: Marketing executive, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and Brand manager.

What They Do: Marketing managers are in charge of a company’s entire marketing team. They collaborate with members of the marketing team to plan, execute, and evaluate marketing campaigns such as digital marketing campaigns, social media marketing campaigns, print campaigns, and others.

7. Talent Acquisition Manager

Expected Salary Range: $82,500 to $120,000 per year

Similar Job Titles: Recruitment manager, Recruitment Consultant, the Hiring manager.

What They Do: Talent acquisition managers identify, recruit, hire, and retain qualified candidates for their organizations. They develop, implement, and assess their employer’s talent acquisition strategy, and they work hard to build a strong employer brand so that people want to work for them.

High Paying Remote Jobs in Australia

Top 7 Highest-Paying Remote Jobs in Australia for No Experience

You don’t have to have a university degree or a lot of experience to find high-paying work-from-home jobs in Australia.

If you’re a recent graduate or simply don’t have much work experience. This list includes seven impressive, high-paying remote jobs that require no (or very little) experience:

1. Customer Service Representative

Expected Salary Range: $60,000 to $110,000 per year

Similar Job Titles: Customer support specialist, Customer success specialist.

What They Do: Customer service representatives respond to phone calls, emails, and chat messages from — you guessed it — customers. They are the company’s voice, ensuring that people receive the assistance they require as soon as possible. This, in turn, increases customer loyalty and ensures long-term retention.

2. Data Entry Clerk

Expected Salary Range:$56,780 to $68,250 per year

Similar Job Titles: Data entry specialist, Data entry officer.

What They Do: Data entry clerks are in charge of collecting information from various sources and entering it into a database so that others can easily access it. This is a popular admin job that doesn’t require much experience or training, making it ideal for those who want to work from home while earning an above-average salary.

3. Administrative Assistant

Expected Salary Range: $59,998 to $77,422 per year

Similar Job Titles: Receptionist, Personal assistant, Executive assistant, Virtual assistant

What They Do: Administrative assistant positions are among the best high-paying remote jobs for people with no experience in Australia. You can handle a variety of administrative tasks from home if you are organized, detail-oriented, and have access to a phone and computer. These tasks include scheduling appointments, making phone calls, sending emails, and more.

4. Telemarketing Sales Consultant

Expected Salary Range: $45,825 to $104,000 per year

Similar Job Titles: Telemarketer, Telemarketing representative, Telemarketing specialist.

What They Do: Telemarketers frequently make outbound phone calls to potential customers in an attempt to sell them specific products or services. This job is easily done from home using a computer and phone, and it doesn’t require much training or experience, making it ideal for those who are new to the sales world.

5. Tech Support Officer

Expected Salary Range: $40,777 to $72,500 per year

Similar Job Titles: Tech support representative, Technical support specialist.

What They Do: Customer service representatives are similar to tech support officers. They do, however, specifically answer questions and address complaints about technology issues, such as those that people may encounter with their smartphones or computer.

6. Copywriter

Expected Salary Range: $73,125 to $127,916 per year

Similar Job Titles: Blogger, Content writer, Content Specialist.

What They Do: Copywriters assist businesses in creating content for their websites, marketing emails, social media campaigns, and other platforms. Many entry-level copywriting jobs offer training and don’t require much experience as long as you know English grammar.

7. Proofreader

Expected Salary Range: $70,500 to $119,122 per year

Similar Job Titles: Editor, Copy editor, Technical editor.

What They Do: A proofreader is in charge of reviewing and revising documents before publication. They frequently work for companies that need assistance improving their online presence and marketing content, and they can easily do their jobs from home using their laptop or computer.

How to Find High-Paying Remote Jobs in Australia?

Whether you’re looking for high-paying work-from-home jobs for people with no experience or people with years of experience, there are numerous resources available to help you find job openings in your desired field. Some of the best ones to consult today are listed below:

Online Job Platforms

People from all over the world use the internet to find new jobs. Many job seekers use online job boards to learn about openings in a specific industry and to find remote positions that fit their schedules and training backgrounds.

Groups on Facebook

Don’t undervalue the power of social media when looking for the best-paying remote jobs in Australia.

There are numerous Facebook groups for Australian job seekers, and many of them post ads for remote positions. Join some of them today to stay up to date and be notified when a new position becomes available.

LinkedIn Groups

In addition to Facebook, experienced professionals should consider joining LinkedIn groups centered on Australian job seekers.

You might even find groups for job seekers in specific industries (such as finance or marketing). This will allow you to narrow down your search even further.

Reddit Communities

Most people do not consider Reddit to be a good place to look for job opportunities. There are, however, subreddits for almost anything, including specific Australian cities or neighborhoods.

You can join and search these subreddits to find open positions that match your needs, experience level, and other criteria. You can also make your posts in these groups informing people of your search for a remote job.

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies can also assist you in finding high-paying work-from-home jobs in Australia. Working with recruitment agency professionals can help with every step of the job search process, from writing a resume to sending it to potential employers to preparing for interviews.

Recruitment professionals can also assist you in locating specific job openings that match your background, experience level, future career goals, and other factors.

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